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About Wrongful Death Claims

The emotional toll on people involved in a wrongful death claim is an incredible burden, especially with the realization that a fatal accident could have been prevented. In acknowledgment of the hardships that come with the sudden death of a loved one, qualifying survivors have the opportunity to pursue monetary compensation. While money cannot take the place of one’s spouse, parent or child, financial relief through the Florida Wrongful Death Act provides a way to build financial security.

Helping You Take Steps To Recovery

To bring an action under the Florida Wrongful Death Act, a personal representative must be appointed to “step into the shoes” of the estate. The compensation recoverable through legal action can be complex.

A variety of factors may affect the amount of a wrongful death settlement or verdict, such as the occupation and age of the deceased person, the ages of surviving children, the family dynamics, divorces and remarriages and the existence of children born outside of marriage. For legal counsel, turn to Kirilloff Jowers, P.A., in Jacksonville.

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We understand that your family needs time to grieve and take care of practical matters after a sudden death of a loved one. We can assure you of our readiness to work behind the scenes as you progress through the aftermath your loss. For a no-obligation consultation, give us a call at 904-329-2718 or send us an online inquiry. We have much to offer your family at this time. We look forward to the opportunity to explain clearly how we can get started as soon as you say the word.