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Trucking Accidents

The large size and weight of commercial trucks can cause them to malfunction, lose control, and severely injure others. Factors that commonly cause wrecks include the following:

  • Improper turns – larger trucks need larger clearance to turn safely.

  • Jackknifing – especially when road conditions are wet or icy.

  • Driver Fatigue – there are laws in place that regulate the amount of time a driver can be behind the wheel during a 24-hour period. Fatigue can cause all sorts of judgment errors that can cause serious accidents.

  • Failure to receive/pass safety inspections – regulations and policy specify that the vehicles must undergo constant safety inspections.

  • Inability to stop in time – the weight and size of these commercial vehicles require a longer distance to come to a complete stop.

The initial investigation is critical in personal injury matter, but it is even more important in a trucking accident. Contact us as soon as possible after a trucking accident so we can preserve valuable evidence.

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