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3 weeks ago

Kirilloff Jowers

An insurance company offered our client $7,800 to settle her claim stemming from a crash that occurred over three years ago. First they claimed that she wasn't hurt. Then they claimed that she was also responsible for the crash somehow. When that didn't work, they claimed that she actually was hurt, but it wasn't that bad. Still scrambling, they hired a private investigator to follow our client and take pictures/videos of her at work so they could try and tell a jury that she was a liar. After trying a few more of their typical tactics, they settled less than two weeks before trial for over double their policy limits (5 times our proposal and over 16 times their $7,800 offer).

So please speak with an attorney (even if it's not us) when you are involved in an incident and thinking about dealing with the insurance company on your own. The insurance company does not care about you. We do.

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